Spreadsheets for Astrophotographers

I have made several simple and some not-so-simple Excel spreadsheets over the past few years as tools for my own pursuits in astrophotography.   Many of them are mentioned in other sections of my website involving calculating subexposure time or determining the effects of cooling on the signal to noise ratio.  At some point I will consolidate all of these spreadsheets into the current link.

I am providing these spreadsheets for free to the amateur astrophotography community, although I make no guarantees regarding their accuracy, usefulness, or safety for your own computer.  However, I have used them extensively and feel that they work quite well.  If you find them useful, I only ask that you reference this site so that others can be made aware of these tools.

Spreadsheet #1Focusmax Exposure Calculator
The following spreadsheet can be quite useful when setting up a night of automated imaging, when you know what focus star you wish to use, and you know its magnitude, but you aren't quite sure of what exposure time to use in Focusmax (and don't want to stay up to find out <g>).
  The spreadsheet may be downloaded here.  Instructions for use may be downloaded here.  Thanks to Larry Weber from Focusmax who provided me with useful feedback during the design of this tool.

More Spreadsheets to follow...


All Images Copyright Steve Cannistra