Astrophotography Links

Here are some of my favorite Astrophotography sites (this is not meant to be a comprehensive list):

Starizona's Guide to CCD Imaging:  An excellent resource for those starting out in CCD imaging.

Jay GaBany:  Beautiful images from a master astrophotographer who is a poet at heart.

Johannes Schedler:  Johannes is one of the best amateur imagers in the world, with a distinctively beautiful processing style.

Steve Mandel:  A superb imager who has shown how an amateur astrophotographer can make important contributions to astronomy.

John Smith:  John is an expert in all things CCD, including noise theory, and is always willing to help.

Wolfgang Promper:  Wolfgang has a distinctively beautiful processing style, and his images are always an inspiration to this hobby.

Russ Croman:  Russ has produced top notch images that have raised the bar in this field.  He's developed some great software as well.

Bob Fera:  Bob is a master astrophotographer from the west coast, with lots of experience and great images to show for it.

Chris Cook: 
Beautiful deep sky and landscape shots from a world-class astrophotographer (and fellow Massachusetts resident).

Dave Jurasevich:  Dave has some of the nicest Ha images that I've seen, and his website is very informative.

Brian Lula:  Extremely talented astrophotographer and telescope maker (and another fellow Massachusetts resident).

Philip Perkins:  An excellent resource for tips on using the Lumicon Off-Axis Guider.

Dietmar Hagar:  Dietmar images from Austria and has a great collection of astrophotos taken with both monochrome and one shot color cameras.

Warren Keller:  Warren is a creative imager who has shared his knowledge by preparing several instructional videos.

Giovanni Benintende  Gianni is an imager from Sicily, where my family is originally from, who specializes in wonderful wide field images.

Mike Stecker's Astrophotography:  
Mike's site has a great collection of photographs, as well as biographies of astrophotographers from around the world.

How to Perform Drift Alignment:  An excellent site for learning this technique.  But a bit outdated now that PoleAlignMax software is available!

Thierry Legault's Collimation Primer:  Nice description of an important adjustment for high resolution views!

How to Balance a Fork Mounted Scope:  Excellent resource and a must read for anyone using an SCT.

Astronomy Picture of the Day:  Educational, fun, and informative.

Belmont Society Open Cluster Resource:  Nice descriptions of open clusters and other astronomical objects.

Clear Sky Clock: Valuable resource for astronomical weather forecasting.

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