The Monoceros Loop in Hydrogen Alpha

Monoceros Loop in Ha
All Images Copyright Steve Cannistra

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Size: Approximately 9 x 7 degrees.
Distance: 5500 light years (Rosette Nebula)
RA: 6h 31m
Dec: 4 degrees 57' 00"

The Monoceros Loop is a faint supernova remnant that contains the Rosette Nebula (bottom) as well as the Cone Nebula (top, left of center).  The nebulosity within this region is very faint but easily captured in this wide field view.  This is a composite photograph consisting of a wide field shot taken with a 50mm Canon lens, combined with two high resolution views of the Rosette and Cone Nebulae regions, respectively (Sky 90), all taken with the SXV-H9 CCD camera in Ha light.

Photographic Details:

Date:  March 29, 2004 for wide field view (please see above links for details regarding the Rosette and Cone images).
Lens (widefield view):  Canon 50mm f/1.8 FD lens, stopped down to f5.6.  Adapter for connecting lens to SXV-H9 was "homemade," using a FD lens-C mount and asking a local machine shop to create a C to T adapter.  Please see Doc G's site for details.  It's important to maintain a CCD chip to lens distance of 42mm for Canon FD series lenses in order to achieve infinity focus.  I believe that similar adapters may be commercially available through Adirondack Video.

Autoguider:  STV with e-finder.
Camera:  SXV-H9.
Filter:  Astronomik Ha.
Exposures:  40 x 2' for a total of 80' exposure.
Conditions:  Temperature 34 degrees F; average transparency; above average seeing; calm.
No dark or bias frames used.  Auto-aligned in MaximDL; Sigma combine using RC Sigma Reject MaximDL.  Levels and curves adjustments in Photoshop CS.  Composite constructed in Registar.

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