The Cone Nebula in Hydrogen Alpha

Cone Nebula
All Images Copyright Steve Cannistra

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Magnitude:  3.9 (for bluish Christmas tree cluster region)
Size: About 1 degree (including Cone Nebula and Christmas Tree Cluster region)
Distance: 2400 light years (Cone Nebula)
RA: 6h 41m 06s
Dec: 9 degrees 52' 59"

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Photographic Details:

Dates:  February 8 and 13, 2004
Scope:  Takahashi Sky 90 at f4.5 with field flattener/focal reducer, piggybacked on LX90 (which is mounted on a Meade Superwedge).
Autoguider:  STV with e-finder.
Camera:  SXV-H9.
Filter:  Hydrogen Alpha (Astronomik).
Exposures:  Ha: 33 x 5'
Conditions:  Temperature 23 degrees F; average transparency; average seeing; dry; mostly calm
on 2/8/04, breezy on 2/13/04.
Reprocessed on 2/14/04 with images from both sessions- no dark or bias frames used.  Autoaligned in MaximDL; Sigma combine using Sigma Reject MaximDL plug-in developed by Russell Croman, followed by DDP adjustment in ImagesPlus.  Levels and curves adjustments in Photoshop.  Smoothing performed using the Neat Image plug in (v3.17 Pro Plus), followed by selective unsharp masking of certain areas (sometimes using a radius of 6-10 and percentage of 20-30%).  I used more subtle processing to avoid star bloat in this rendition.

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