Van Den Bergh 14 and 15 in Camelopardalis


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RA (J2000): 03h 30m 13s
Dec (J2000): +59 degrees 19' 14"
Position Angle: minus 89 degrees (Pinpoint)

This beautiful pair of reflection nebulae are a small part of a large dust cloud in Camelopardalis.  They contain both reflection (blue) and emission (red) components, although the emission component is subtle and can be seen as the peripheral pale red regions in the above LRGB image.  VDB 15 is the large nebula on the left, surrounding the magnitude 5 central star C Cam, while VDB14 is the sickle-shaped nebula on the right, next to the magnitude 4 star B Cam (to its lower right).  What makes this image one of my favorites is the widefield views, available in the links above.  The abundant, colorful stars in this field are very dramatic, and there is an occasional hint of blue nebulosity surrounding some of them (see the star in the lower right on the widefield views).  In addition, the widefield view makes it easy to appreciate an obvious drop off in star density on the left hand side of the image (due to intervening dust).

Photographic Details:

Date:  Luminance- October 5, 2008;  RGB- October 7 and 8, 2008
Scope:  Takahashi FSQ106 at f5 on the Takahashi NJP Mount
Autoguider:  SBIG ST-402 with 60mm guidescope, focal length 227mm
Camera:  STL11K -20C
Baader LRGB filter set; all 50.8mm unmounted
Exposures:  Lum 320'; R 90'; G 90'; B 120'.  Total exposure 10.3 hours
Post-processing:  Calibrated, aligned, and Sigma Clip combined in Maxim, followed by DDP in ImagesPlus (IP).  Further processing in Photoshop CS (16 bit format)

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