Autumn Star Trails in New England

       Autumn Star Trails

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On November 12-13, 2004, the New England region experienced its first winter snowstorm of the season.  With only 4-6" of snow, it was not the largest storm that we've seen.  But the amount of snow was a surprise, it's still Autumn, there are still leaves on the trees, and there are many leaves on the ground still in need of clean-up (but now covered with snow).  This is a star trail centered on Polaris, taken in my front yard through an opening in the trees.  The orange glow, which is fitting for Autumn, is courtesy of a bright streetlight off to the right, out of the field of view.  Please click here to see a rollover of this wintery scene. 
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Photographic Details:

Date:  November 13
, 2004.
Camera and Lens:  Canon 10D on a fixed tripod.  Canon EF 17-40mm L series lens.
Filter:  None.
Exposures:  16 x 10', ISO 100, f5.6, 17mm focal length.  Total exposure time 160 minutes.
Conditions:  Temperature 24 degrees F; above average transparency; average seeing; brisk winds (check out the rollover to see changing position of tree branches).

Post-processing:  Exposures were taken as high quality jpg files (although I typically use Raw file mode for Canon 10D astroimages through the Tak Sky90).  The subframes were stacked as layers in Photoshop, using "Lighten" mode to permit the full length of the star trail to show through, while leaving the rest of the scene unchanged.  The clone tool was used to remove blinking lights from occasional airplanes.  The pink glow on the bottom right is due to light pollution from Boston.

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