NGC 896 in Hydrogen Alpha

NGC 896 in Hydrogen Alpha
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Magnitude:  ?
Size: FOV of this image is about 1 degree.
Distance: ?
RA: 2h 25m 28s
Dec: 62 degrees 01' 10"

NGC 896 is a region of faint hydrogen alpha emission that is situated in the northwestern corner of IC1805.  This 3 hour exposure reveals many intricate details that are best seen on higher magnification.

Photographic Details:

Date:  October 4, 2005
Scope:  Takahashi FS-102 at f6 with TOA-130 focal reducer, on the G11 Losmandy Mount.
Autoguider:  SBIG STV with e-finder.
Camera:  Maxcam CM10.

Astronomiks 6nm Ha filter.
Exposures:  18 x 10' unbinned, total exposure 3 hours.
Conditions:  Temperature 60 degrees F, average transparency, good seeing, calm, clear.   After 3 hours of exposure, a fog swept over the area and ended the session, but I had already obtained a deep exposure of this region in Ha.
Post-processing:  Subs were debloomed with Ron Wodaski's Debloomer software, calibrated and aligned in Maxim.  Combined in Maxim using the SD Mask Method (default settings), followed by DDP in ImagesPlus (IP).  Further processing in Photoshop CS (16 bit format).  The new Astronomiks 6nm Ha filter worked beautifully and provides ample clearance when placed inside the True Technology thin filter wheel.

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