Mount Washington
Most 2003 photographs taken with Canon 10D and Sigma 14mm wideangle lens;
All 2004 photographs taken with Canon 10D and Canon 17-40mm f4.0 L lens

For three days in August 2003, I hiked the Mount Washington region using Pinkham Notch as a starting point.  Mount Washington is the highest summit in New England, spanning 6,288 feet, and can be approached from either the eastern or western sides.  The eastern side starting from Pinkham Notch is better protected from harsh weather, although once above treeline the weather can turn very quickly.  The temperatures at the base were about 75 degrees F on each day, with calm winds, whereas the temperature at the summit was 52 degrees F with wind gusts of 25-30 mph (this was a relatively mild day on Mount Washington).  There are many good websites that describe hiking in this region, but here is one of my favorites:  Mount Washington Information (Dartmouth).

How to use the Map:  Using the Appalachian Mountain Club map* as a template, I created an interactive map of the Mount Washington area (link below).  Placing the cursor over the Trail markers (Trails 1, 2, and 3) will show you a black outline of trail(s) that I hiked.  The black asterixes along the trails identify stopping points during which I took photographs.  Moving the cursor over each black asterix will reveal a yellow arrow(s).  Clicking on the arrow will reveal the photo that I took at this location, with the direction of the arrow indicating the direction of the view.  By using both the map, the arrows, and the photos, you will be able to identify the major features present in each photograph.  
Please note that the map takes about 30 seconds to fully load on a standard DSL/broadband connection.

When using the map, make sure to explore every asterix, including the 2 located in the upper right hand area.  For some links, there are several on each one separately to see a different view of the region.


Interactive Map of the Mount Washington Region from 2003

The interactive map on this website is meant for educational purposes only and should not be reproduced.  The map is adapted from the Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC) topography map of the White Mountains, included in the 6th Edition of the AMC "Hiking Guide to Mount Washington and the Presidential Range."   I am not responsible for errors or omissions on this map.   Please consult with proper references before hiking this area.

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