M27 Widefield
All Images Copyright Steve Cannistra

This is a total 6 hour exposure over 2 nights (3 hours each for Ha and OIII).  The faint Ha skirt was easily detected (click here for Ha image, and here for the inverted image), due to the relatively long exposure and the high Ha sensitivity of the CM10 camera.  This camera has the Kodak KAF3200 microlensed chip and was ordered without the coverglass (QE curve shown here; original source document available here).  Although I did not realize it at the time, there is a faint OIII signal emitted from the skirt as well (click here for OIII image), making the color of this peripheral region more maroon or slightly magenta, as opposed to pure red.  It is also apparent that this peripheral skirt is not homogeneous, but rather ruffled and scalloped in nature, suggestive of jet-like emission as opposed to a slowly expanding outward bubble.  I am not certain about this and have submitted this question to others for advice.

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