The Double Cluster (NGC 869 and NGC 884)

Double Cluster
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Magnitude:  6.1
Size: About 30' each cluster
Distance: 7100 light years for NGC 869; 7400 light years for NGC 884
RA: 02h 22m 32s
Dec: 57 degrees 08' 38"

The famous Double Cluster in Perseus was first cataloged by the Greek astronomer Hipparcos in 130 BC.  These beautiful, young open clusters are filled with hot blue stars and are separated by only a few hundred light years from each other.  More information about the Double Cluster may be found here.

Photographic Details:
Dates:  December 3, 2011
Scope:  VC200L at f6.4 on the Takahashi NJP Mount
Autoguider:  SBIG ST-402 with 60mm guidescope, focal length 227mm
Camera:  SBIG ST8300 -20C
Baader RGB filters
Exposures:  This is a two frame mosaic, with exposures for each half as follows:  R = 30'; G = 30'; B = 40', all unbinned.
Post-processing:  Calibrated, aligned and stacked in Maxim, followed by DDP in ImagesPlus (IP).  Further processing in Photoshop CS5.  Intrinsic star spikes from the VC200L enhanced via StarSpikes Pro software.

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