Cederblad 214

Cederblad 214
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Magnitude:  ?
Size: about 60' for this field; 1.7 degrees for the entire extent of this region.
Distance: ?
RA: 00h 02m 00s
Dec: 67 degrees 12' 00"

Cederblad 214 is a large emission nebula in the constellation Cepheus.  It is part of a complex that also includes a fainter, elongated nebulous expanse known as NGC7822 (outside of the FOV of this photograph).  More information about Ced 214 may be found on Rob Gendler's webpage.

Photographic Details:

Date:  August 16, 2006
Scope:  Takahashi FS102 at f6, on the G11 Losmandy Mount.
Autoguider:  SBIG STV with e-finder.
Camera:  Maxcam CM10.

Astronomik Ha filter (6 nm bandpass).
Exposures:  25 x 10' each.  Total exposure: 4.2 hours.
Conditions:  Temperature 70 degrees F throughout the night; above average transparency; average seeing; calm; humid.  The CM10 held a CCD temperature of between -19.7 to -20 degrees throughout.
Post-processing:  Debloomed with Ron Wodaski's Debloomer software, followed by calibration and alignment in Maxim (my dark frame master is over 1 year old and still works great!).  Sigma combined using RC Sigma Reject MaximDL, followed by DDP in ImagesPlus (IP).  Further processing in Photoshop CS (16 bit format).

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