Proper Motion of GSC 154:1343 and GSC 154:381 (over 50 years)

Rosette Nebula in Ha
All Images Copyright Steve Cannistra

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GSC 154:1343 (J2000)
RA: 06h 32m 40s
Dec: 5 degrees 14' 02"

GSC 154:381 (J2000)
RA: 06h 32m 30s
Dec: 5 degrees 12' 50"

This is a two frame movie comparing my recent image of the Rosette Nebula with that of the POSS1 sky survey from the mid 1950's (a useful article describing the POSS may be found here).  The above motion of GSC 154:1343 and GSC 154:381 is easily appreciated after 50 years, although it is still quite small by Barnard's star standards.  Between the two frames,
GSC 154:1343 has moved 11.06", which means a rate of 0.22 arcseconds per year, and GSC 154:381 has moved 4.94", which means a rate of 0.099 arcseconds per year (compared to Barnard's star which moves at 10.3 arcseconds per year).

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